Back to School message from Superintendent Matsuoka

Dear SB Unified Parents,

Back-to-school … it has been many decades since we sent our three sons to public schools in San Jose Unified but the memories are still warm and deep.  In those days, the big deal was what type of metal lunchbox you had (or maybe that was my childhood!) and the newest video game in your household. We experienced community through our schools and our sons have gone on to successful lives and careers.  As a father and educator for nearly forty years, I love the beginning of a school year as we share in the experience of raising the next generation.

Much has changed over my forty years in education and the biggest shift is the speed at which our world is changing.  Our new mission statement, “we prepare students for a world that is yet to be created” reflects this new reality of constant change.  In a McKinsey report about Workforce Transitions, December 2017, many jobs of the future will involve technology but also teamwork, creativity, communication, and social and emotional skills.  SB Unified is working hard to redesign our curriculum and learning outcomes to prepare students for a world that will be very different for the high school class of 2020 and the future graduating class of 2033, the year that our entering kindergarten students will graduate from high school.

As I enter my fourth year as your superintendent, I am proud of our staff, our leaders, and the progress we are making.  Just as my wife and her siblings experienced as alumni of DPHS back in the 1970’s and 80’s, our schools continue to be the hubs of the community as we enter the 2020’s.  Your continued trust and investment of time and money in our schools is the foundation of our success and we in turn are doing everything we can to make good on that community trust.

So as your daughters and sons dive back into the school year, know that the 1,800 employees of SB Unified welcome them with open hearts and hands.  Here’s to a great 2019-20 school year!

Cary Matsuoka