Elementary Gifted and Talented (GATE) Program


Elementary Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs include GATE cluster groups, GATE pullout and enrichment lessons, and district GATE magnet classrooms at Washington Elementary School.


Testing or interpreting GATE test results


Harriet Whaley, Assessment and Accountability Specialist   (805) 963-4338, x6277, hwhaley@sbunified.org

Transfer applications or the GATE Magnet Program lottery*

Visit: pages.sbunified.org/transfers

Contact: Esther Caesar or Natali Cardenas, Office of Student Services (805) 963-4338, x6278 or x6276

*Students secure seats in the magnet school for the next school year by entering a lottery that is held by the school district’s Office of Student Services each winter.

SBUSD’s GATE Magnet school at Washington Elementary

Contact: Christina Giguiere, Principal, Washington Elementary School

Contact the school principal to learn about GATE approaches at your child’s school or to arrange a school visit

Kelly Fresch, Principal, Adams Elementary School
(805) 563-2515

Gabriel Sandoval, Principal, Cleveland Elementary School
(805) 963-8873

Casie Killgore, Principal, Franklin Elementary School
(805) 963-4283

Veronica Binkley, Principal, Harding University Partnership School
(805) 965-8994

Elena Garcia-Yoshitomi, Principal, McKinley Elementary School
(805) 966-9926

Brian Naughton, Principal, Monroe Elementary School
(805) 966-7023

Christy Bazemore, Principal, Roosevelt Elementary School
(805) 563-2062

Anna Scharfeld, Principal, Santa Barbara Community Academy
(805) 687-2081