Student Safety



Santa Barbara Unified School District recognizes that school climate, safety, and learning are not separate endeavors. The District is fully committed to maximizing school safety and creating a positive learning environment. We are actively engaged in comprehensive, unified school safety planning efforts that balance age-appropriate, physical and psychological safety among all of our schools, preschool through twelfth grade.

State law requires all public schools in California to develop a comprehensive school safety plan, per California Education Code sections 32280-32289. State law further requires these safety plans to be updated annually.

Task Force on School Climate and Safety

Santa Barbara Unified School District’s Task Force on School Climate and Safety was authorized by the Board of Education in the Spring of 2018. The Task Force convened with the objective to facilitate a series of school safety and climate community forums based upon five interrelated safety topics; and to gather information to share with the Board on what is working and areas for improvement throughout the district. The five interrelated school climate and safety topics include: 1) School Safety; 2) Public Safety; 3) Cultural Proficiency & Equity; 4) Technology & Social Media; 5) Mental Health & Wellness.

Upcoming community forums as well as wrap up reports from previous events are featured on the district’s Task Force on School Climate and Safety webpage.

This webpage is designed to provide students and families with information and resources about school climate and safety planning efforts in Santa Barbara Unified School District.