Student Success Teams


What is Student Success Team (SST)?

The Student Success Team (SST) is a partnership between school and home that utilizes a problem-solving approach to help students be more successful in school, at home, and in the community. The SST includes the family, the student, the teacher(s), an administrator and may also include counselor(s), specialists and others who know the student or have expertise to address areas of concern.

How can the SST help?

The SST can support students, their families and the classroom teacher(s) in a variety of ways such as:

  • developing and implementing strategies to help the student with academics, behavior or social skills in the classroom and larger school environment
  • helping to set up vision or hearing screenings and/or medical exams
  • accessing resources and services in the school, the district, and the community, such as parent organizations, academic tutoring, after school and summer activity programs, or counseling services for students and/or families
  • recommendations for further assessment

What is an SST meeting like?

An SST meeting follows a process that includes:

  • a discussion of the student’s strengths
  • sharing of background information
  • a discussion of the concerns/issues
  • a brainstorming session in which all ideas are welcomed
  • a summary of what actions will be taken, who is responsible for each action, and the date to be completed
  • choosing a follow-up SST meeting date

Families will receive a copy of the information discussed at the meeting.

Family Member’s Role

Your involvement in the SST process is very important because you know your child better than anyone else. Your knowledge of your child’s strengths, interests, health, past history, etc., can be very valuable for the SST to develop an effective program for your child.