Why is the school district moving to 1:1 devices?

The information age is transforming the way students access learning materials. More and more private providers of educational materials are moving from a traditional textbook format for delivering content to digital platforms like websites and ebooks.

Who is receiving iPads? What about other students?

Students in grades 4th through 12th are given District iPads.

When will my student(s) receive a device?

Students who are new to the District or entering 4th grade will receive their iPad within the first week of school. Secondary students may receive their iPads on registration day (Dons Derby, Royal Return, etc). If you are new to the District during the school year, an iPad will be delivered to you within a few days.

Students in grades K though 3 will have access to iPads and/or Chromebooks via carts in their classrooms.

Can families bring their own iPads?

No, the iPads being used in class must be managed for teacher/student applications to work.

May a student refuse an iPad?

No, a student may not refuse an iPad because it functions as a textbook. Under special circumstances, on a case-by-case basis, parents may opt out. Please contact your school site’s administration.

What happens if a student breaks, damages, or loses an iPad?

In case of loss or damage, the student should use the Tech Support app on their iPad or email Educational Technology Services (ETS) at The family is responsible for all fees associated with a lost, stolen, or broken iPad. For more information, go to the techEQUITY program page and scroll to Responsibility.

Is insurance available for iPads?

iPad insurance is available for purchase before September 15, 2019.

Will iMessages be disabled?


What is being done about internet access for families?

While iPads work without an internet connection, we understand that distributing devices to students is only the beginning of our equity work in technology. We realize that access to low cost or free wireless will continue to be a barrier for many of our students. The district is actively engaged in finding a solution to this community problem. More information about this work will be made available in the coming months.

What are the digital citizenship expectations?

Common Sense Media lessons will be taught at all grade levels.

How do teachers request apps?

A teacher can request an app by either sending an email to support or by submitting a request directly through Zendesk. Shortly after a request is submitted, the requestor will receive a link to a form requesting additional information. The requested app will be available 24-48 hours after the form is submitted.

How are apps loaded on to devices?

Apps are either pushed or pulled onto devices. Most apps are pulled by the user through the Self-Service app onto their device. The user chooses the app they want from Self-Service and within a minute or two the app is installed on the device. (View the list of the apps available in Self-Service).

In certain cases apps will be pushed to devices. When an app is pushed to a device the app is automatically installed without any user intervention.

Students may use their own Apple IDs on a district-managed iPad to listen to music, but the Apple App Store is not available.

Will the iPads come with a core set of apps?

Yes, along with the iPads default set of apps the following apps will also be installed: Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Classroom, Notability, PDF Expert, and Desmos.

How do teachers and students download apps to their iPads?

The Self Service app on your iPad has over 700 educational apps available to students and teachers.

Are charter schools part of the techEQUITY program?

They are not.

Can students use personal Google accounts on district iPads?

Yes, students may use both their personal and SB Unified Google accounts on district iPads.

Will iPads add weight to student backpacks?

As instructional materials become digital and our teachers use Open Educational Resources (OERs), students will carry fewer print textbooks, so their backpacks should become lighter.

How will the techEQUITY program impact student screen time?

iPads will not be used at all times or even every day in the classroom. iPads will not replace teachers or quality instruction that includes critical thinking, simulations, reading, and class discussions.

Are we abandoning Chromebooks?

Purchasing iPads for each student does not mean we are abandoning Chromebooks. However, purchasing, replacing, and maintaining Chromebook carts is a school site decision.

How does the techEQUITY program align with the Williams Act?

The Williams Act requires the district to provide instructional materials for all students. This is why we are providing an iPad for every student in grades 4 through 12.