techEQUITY Partnership Program (TEPP)


The techEQUITY Partnership Program (TEPP) allows families to purchase their student’s iPad by making small, interest free monthly payments. Once all payments have been made, the iPad is the family’s to keep. No credit check or bank account is needed to participate in TEPP.

As part of the TEPP, families are not charged for cracked screens while payments are being made. However, there are charges for other damages as well as lost or stolen iPads.

TEPP at a glance

  • Purchase your iPad
  • $12.50/month for 36 months or
  • $19/month for 24 months
  • No credit check or bank account needed

Interested in TEPP? Email or call our Help Desk at (805) 963-4338 x4357


iPad: $294
Case: $93
Sales Tax: $34
E-Waste Fee: $3
Amount Financed: $424
Interest Rate: 0%
Transaction Fee: $26 ($.72×36)
Total Financed Cost: $450